No GST on Petroleum Products for now.

The center has ruled out the inclusion of petroleum products in GST for now, it was being reported by many news channels that the petroleum products can be included in GST but now the Government has dismissed any possibility at least for now.

The Aviation Sector has been asking for petroleum products to be included in GST so that a uniform price for aviation fuel can be achieved but after the government rejecting the proposal the aviation sector is not happy over the decision.

When GST was introduced, the states and the center had decided to pool their powers. Now GST council holds the power for implementation and review of decisions regarding GST.

The panel headed by the Union finance minister now decides the rates and the indirect tax regime, leaving only a few items with the state FM.

If petroleum products are included in GST, the move will only benefit the companies not the general public and that may be the reason the government is not keen on the inclusion, as government believes that the taxes on ATF are passed on the public.

Jaffer Khan’s ill-fated in alwar … Alcohol put in the private part of the student

The Alwar textile business of the state was struck by the death of Jaffer Khan when he shamed the shame, passing a whole school of cruelty with a school student across the border.

Jaffer Khan, a minor student living in Barodamev area of ​​Alwar, was initially suspended by making a mortgage in the house by accusing him of stealing. After this, the petrol was inserted from the syringe in its private parts. On confirming the allegations, police arrested Jafar Khan, the main accused on Saturday and presented him in the court. The court sent Nirodar, a resident of Jafar son Imarat Khan, to jail.

Barodaamov caretaker police station police officer Tej Singh said that the father of a minor student filed a report on October 2 that his 15-year-old son was brought from the village by buying clothes from Jafar Khan’s shop in Barodaamov. When she did not like the clothes, she came back to the shop to change. During this, shop owner Jafar Son Imtat Khan beat him with accusations of stealing 500 rupees from the street. After this the students took the bike to the village and took it to Imladi.

Here, Barkat kept the student hostage in his house. In addition, the three accused beat up the student by hanging upside down, and then put petrol in the private part of the syringe. Police said that in the investigation, the Jafar has been arrested on the case against the accused. His partner, Asam Khan and Barkat Khan are absconding. The student reads in 9th.