The religious fanatic Ejaz Khan used to show a pistol, but he forgot that the law was at the top.He had given threats to the Hindus.

He used to whip a pistol in a YouTube video, and if he decides to become a Muslim, then he would have threatened to find anyone anywhere and kill him. Because of his class being special, people of all the media used to play silently with their self-taught secularism and remained silent. The intellectual class also started to understand that due to this he himself waas increasing the lion by himself.

But, finally, he realized that the biggest country is the law and nothing more than that.It is known that after the complete failure of his acting in the film world, discussion for his antics and frenzied religious conversations Ejaz Khan, living in the end, has finally realized his status. There will be a lot of bravery that will be given to Aishwarya Choubey, who has sent it away by pushing all the threats of this madness to its real place, where it had already reached it.

It is known that Big Boss 8 has been arrested as a contender for watching TV actor Ejaz Khan, who is seen as a drug addict. Mumbai Police’s Anti Narcotics Cell arrested Ejaz Khan on Tuesday. At present, Ijaz is being questioned in this case, after which he will be presented in court. Eight banned drugs have been found from Ejaz Khan. Anti Narcotics Cell arrested Ejaz Khan in a state of intoxication .

Ejaz got 8 Extasy Tablets, which is priced at around 2.2 lakhs in the international market. According to the news, Ejaz was arrested after raiding the Rev Party in a hotel. Model Aishwarya Choubey, on Ejaz Khan, had also accused of sending unsolicited messages and scandals and sending it. Aishwarya lodged a complaint against Ejaz in Versova police station.