Chances of M.S.D to join B.J.P after Retirement

Former Indian skipper as well as Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni can join politics after, retiring from the International Cricket, till now the party which have been most likely to be seen is the B.J.P. Talks with Dhoni have been going on ,since a very long time before and during Lok Sabha elections, the president of B.J.P itself have been personally taking this matter. Former Union Minister and senior B.J.P leaderĀ  Sanjay Paswan have said,”Dhoni can join B.J.P and he has been talking about this for along time.” He said,”There is talk on this issue for along time, though decision will be taken only after Dhoni’s retirement.”

During the 2019 world cup M.S.D have showed a fantastic performance and this might could be the last performance of his in the world cup as chances are that Dhoni can announce his retirement in the very coming days, Significantly, Jharkhand has been holding state elections, this year so Dhoni’s retirement and entering into B.J.P can lead the party in a win-win situation in the elections.

Congratulate the saffron tide on Google too .. Congratulations to #UPCM Yogi Adityanath

Seven saffron fever has also started to appear on Google. The popularity and passion of Goddess Hindu nationalist leader and goddess of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath ji, is growing in the country. This is the list of Google in which he has given Yogi the first place. Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has emerged as the star campaigner of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). If the most demanded Yogi of the electoral states is of Adityanath.

Before this, Yogi has not only campaigned as a star campaigner of BJP in Tripura, Gujarat, Karnataka, but has also given success to the BJP. This is the mirage of Yogi’s personality when he or she becomes headlines for some reason. If the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Chhattisgarh, touches the Yogi’s feet by touching his foot, in the age it is something that makes them different. This is the reason that the urge to find and discover Yogi Adityanath is still the most visible today

The results of Google’s latest search trend data prove that Yogi Adityanath is the most popular Chief Minister of Google Search in the past year. Alam is that any Chief Minister of the BJP or the Opposition does not stay around him in terms of popularity. Whether Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh, Gujarat’s CM Vijay Roopani or Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, according to records that have come to Google, Yogi Adityanath is quite ahead of all these Chief Ministers.

The Yogis look not only with their leaders or chief ministers but also ahead of Mamta and Chandrababu Naidu. Also ahead of Uttar Pradesh’s chief ministers Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati are ahead. This year, people searched the Yogi in the Google search engine the most. Google has given place to place on its website with statistics. At the same time, the most popular on Google is the party’s splendor.

BJP spokesman Dr Chandramohan says that the appetite of seeking Yogi Adityanath on Google says that people want to know about their work. This is an indication of a kind of craze which shows that today, Yogi, who is in the post of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, is watching Adityanath as the hero of India’s young future.


Sense of spreading the battle of Shambhalal Ragar’s fight

Love is slaughtered by jihadis and jailed in Shambhalal Everyone will be familiar with the name of Shambhalal Ragar.

The same Shambhulal ragger of Rajsamand of Rajasthan who killed love jihadi Afarazul, after which the scandal spread not only in Rajasthan but the whole country.

Shambhulal Ragar made viral on social media by making a video of killing Afarazul. Since then Shambhalal Ragar is locked in Jodhpur jail. Now a news related to Shambhalal Raggar has come to light that has created a sensation. According to the news from media sources, Shambhu Lal Ragar can contest the next Lok Sabha election. According to the news, Shambhalal Ragar can contest from Uttar Pradesh’s Agra seat.

Uttar Pradesh’s local political party Navnirman Sena had approached the accused Shambhalal to contest the elections which he had accepted. Amit Jani, national president of NavNirman Sena, said, “Shambhalal Raggar will contest the Lok Sabha elections from Agra. At present he is locked in Jodhpur jail. “Amit janie said that he has been in contact with Shambhalal for a long time. It would be a pleasure for us if they are ready to contest elections. Amit Jani said that Shambulal Ragar has accepted his offer and he will contest the election.

When asked if a person had to face the accused for committing a heinous crime like killing a person in front of a camera, then he replied that people like Atik Ahmed, Mukhtar Ansari, Raja Bhaiya are even more serious accused but they fought elections Are there. If a person like Shahabuddin can fight, then why not Shambhalal? Unless the defect is proved, it is not a killer. He said that Shambhalal Ragar will contest from Agra and go to the Lok Sabha. 

Listen to the judge just before the bashing of the court on Section 377

The statement of this judge exposes many hidden faces Statement of judges is a mirror to politicians

After dismissing Section 377 of the Supreme Court’s view of homosexuality as a crime, the country’s largest major nation is hurt by this decision of the judiciary and is criticizing this decision. But Section 377 has come to answer the questions raised by the people of the Supreme Court who were involved in this case.

We are talking about Supreme Court Judge Justice Chandrachud who has exposed many faces with his statement. Justice Chandrachud has said why politicians often give powers to the judges? Supreme Court Judge Justice Chandrachud expressed disappointment over the government’s decision to leave the verdict on sensitive issues like challenging section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, and said that the leaders had to leave such powers on the judges The work is going on daily.

Justice Chandrachud said, “Why do leaders give power to judges many times and we are seeing it in the Supreme Court everyday. We saw in section 377, where the government told us that we are leaving it at the discretion of the court and ‘this discrimination of the court’ was a very tempting principle for me not to answer, so the second day in my judgment, I answered Gave.

Justice Chandrachud said that the verdict in Article 377 represents the true sense of fighting between the laws of colonial origin and the laws that represent the right values of constitutional values. The judge also said that the need for reconciliation with the values of constitutional jurisprudence of the colonial laws before or after independence has also been demonstrated in this judgment.

In the year 2018, the 19th Annual Bodh Raj Sahni Memorial Lecture organized by Justice Chandrachud National Law University was speaking on the subject of “the rule of law in constitutional democracy”. The Supreme Court, which partially annihilated Section 377 of the IPC, which held gay sex in the category of crime, in its verdict mentioned the history of this 158-year-old provision which was made in 1533 during the reign of King Henry VIII of Britain. Taken from law.

The Constitution Bench of five judges of Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice RK Nariman, Justice AM Khanwilkar, Justice DJ Chandrachud and Justice Indu Malhotra said in their decision on Thursday that section 377 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) has given constitutional right to equality and dignity Is violated. Justice Nariman and Justice Chandrachud have explained in detail about the development of the stream in their separate but agreed decisions

Justice Nariman said that Section 377 is based on the British Act, 1533, which was made by the then King Henry VIII. Through the Biggie Act, the “condemnable and disgraceful crime” of the great (anal intercourse) with the human race or the animal was prohibited. Justice Chandrachud said in his judgment that the word “big” is derived from the old French word “bugre” and it means anal sex.

Terrorists of the blast had got tickets to contest

Tariq was the party’s candidate in 2009. Know what party gave the ticket to terrorists?

 In the 2007 Kachari blast case, the Supreme Court has sentenced Terror Tariq Kazmi to life imprisonment. After the decision of the life sentence of Tariq Kazmi, it is also important to know that at one time a political party had given ticket to this terrorist to contest Lok Sabha elections.

Let us tell you that Terrorist Tariq Kazmi was declared a candidate from Azamgarh constituency by National Democratic Party in 2009, but the terrorist Tariq could not enroll because he did not get permission from the court later. Let me tell you that serial bomb blasts were on November 23, 2007 in Varanasi, Faizabad, Lucknow. After this blast, a unmanned car was found in Azamgarh. This was followed by Tariq Kazmi’s arrest from Barabanki.

At that time Ulema Council had not emerged and the National Democratic Party had made a big issue of arrest and said Muslims were being harassed and conspiracy was being hatched against them. At that time, people of Nelopa had accused the STF that Tariq’s arrest checkpost was taken from Azamgarh at that time when he was going to join Usmahma. The party continued to protest against this. This was followed by the arrest of Abu Basar of Beanapara in the year 2008.

Then the butt encounter happened in which two youths of the district were killed. Then, the involvement of people of the area began to be revealed in terrorist incidents, and after the butt encounter, Ulema Council was born. When the Lok Sabha elections were announced in 2009, the Ulema Council decided to jump in the election grounds, saying those involved in the terrorist acts and made Dr. Javed Akhtar, the father of Indian Mujahideen terrorist from Azamgarh.

On the other hand, National President of Nelopa Mohd. Arshad Khan declared the terrorist Tariq as a party candidate in a press conference at the party office located in Lucknow and said that on March 24, the court will get the nomination on March 25, but Tariq’s nomination is not due to absence of a permit from the court. Could The terrorist who tried to make Tariq a lawmaker by saying that Nellopa was innocent, today the same Supreme Court has been jailed for lifetime. 

Mulayam Singh never wanted to burn himself, this leader, now on the face of Akhilesh’s eyes Know about this leader

A leader who once tried to self-rule for the Samajwadi Party founder Mulayam Singh Yadav

Mulayam Singh never wanted to burn himself, this leader, now on the face of Akhilesh’s eyes Know about this leader

A leader who once tried to self-rule for the Samajwadi Party founder Mulayam Singh Yadav,the leader has now come under the eyes of Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav.

This politician, who has anonymity in politics for a long time, has now got the eyes of Akhilesh Yadav and once again important responsibility has been given to SP.

With a lesson in the defeat of the Assembly elections, the Samajwadi Party is eager to show its self-confidence in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019. The SP does not want to leave any such shortfall, which is causing the loss in this election, the party is relinquishing its guardians. Responsibilities are being given to such faces, from which results can be found. Apart from this, many people are also being changed on the basis of their performance. The full turn is being done on the basis of feedback under the supervision of Akhilesh Yadav itself.

In the same episode last week, the Samajwadi Party has released a new list of its media panelists (spokesperson), in which the glimpse of this strategy is clearly visible. There are 24 names in the list of 24 panelists. A name in this list is SP leader Manoj Rai Sukchandi of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency. Sunchandini has been given this responsibility again. Akhilesh Yadav has expressed confidence in this young leader.

It is said that Akhilesh himself himself is aware of Manoj Rai’s loyalty to the Samajwadi Party and his political sense. This is the reason that their responsibility has been upheld. Let us tell you that Manoj Rai Sunchandi also started his political journey in a way with the political journey of the Samajwadi Party. Along with the formation of the Samajwadi party in 1992, he joined the SP as a worker and was elected the municipal councilor for the first time in 1995.

After a incident in Kalyan Singh government, when Mulayam Singh Yadav was going there, he was arrested and kept in the central jail of Benaras. After this, SP workers came to the streets to rescue their leader. Manoj was a worker who tried to self-sacrifice to release leader Jee. Since then Manoj Mulayam Singh Yadav came in the eye of Leader named Manoj Rai too from many forums. When Akhilesh Yadav became the state president, he was made the state secretary.

In 2012, from the Varanasi’s Rohaniya assembly, SP contested against Anupriya Patel, in which Manoj lost. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav made him the Chairman of the Tribal and Folk Culture Institute and took the post of the Minister of State in the rank of a recipient. Apart from this, Manoj was also the in-charge of Azamgarh, Bhadohi, Mirzapur Mandal, Hamirpur and Mau, but now Akhilesh Yadav has given Manoj Rai the responsibility of keeping the SP’s side in front of the media 

Hindus should be anywhere, they will be our refugees, Muslims should be anywhere, they are only intruder-hot politics after BJP statement statement

Rupa Ganguly said that the partition of the country was done politically based on religion


After the Assam NRC issue, where the opposition parties are attacking the BJP, the BJP has openly fielded against the Bangladeshi intruders. Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party’s powerful leader and Rajya Sabha MP Rupa Ganguly has made a statement about the Hindu-Muslim refugees who came out of the ranks on which politics has been attacking.

Bharatiya Janata Party Rajya Sabha MP Rupa Ganguly has said in a big statement that he said that illegal Bangladeshi Bangladeshi people living in India are intruders and therefore they have to leave Hindustan. This statement of Rupa Ganguly is a reply to Mamta Banerjee, in which she said that even a single Bangladeshi migrant from West Bengal will not return. Rupa Ganguly said that the partition of the country was done politically based on religion, so Pakistan became a Muslim nation

Bangladesh is also a Muslim nation. West Bengal is a part of India and it was for the Hindus returning from Bangladesh. Therefore, Hindu refugees and Muslims from any corner of the country or the world are infiltrators. He said that not only are Hindus in India but refugees, but Buddhists and Jains are refugees who have come to India from different parts of the world.

Rupa Ganguly said that since the independence of India, Bangladesh has infiltrated large number of Bangladeshi Muslims and has started living here illegally. According to Bhuppati MP Rupa Ganguly, all this was done under a plan. is. In this, the Communist Governments had a hand in hand and now Mamata Banerjee wants to maintain the same order.

He said that the CM of the state is concerned only about his vote bank and with this in his mind the threat has arisen in front of the Hindus in West Bengal. Rupa Ganguly said that even today, Muslim intrusion is on a large scale. He said that if Hindus coming from all over the world will not live in India and they will be told 

“Today we are less then you are laughing at us, remembering tomorrow will be our government all over India, the country will laugh at that day.”

Not only the Parliament, the words of the country are still echoing in the ears …

Surely, the word must have resonated in the Parliament like that of the earring again. The seat will be alive once again, the speech that was given to it and that was said. Who was the visionary? These words are revealed by these words. They knew the time to come

He had taken astonishment in the minds of the masses, the tide carrying hail was spoken with great self-esteem and unwavering intentions that the whole country had heard and believed, except for some politicians who considered themselves as an emperor of power. It was not only independence but also the power that is the heritage of his own family. Today, 21 years ago, in 1997, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said in Parliament – “Tie my words, In being a member you (Congress) Swan are but that day will come when we will have a government in the country, On that day the country will laugh at you and make fun of you.

In the House, Vajpayee, while reciting the poem of Dr. Shiv Mangal Singh ‘Suman’, had warned the leaders of the Congress and other parties, but his warning was not taken seriously by the leaders of the Congress and other parties, and the result was in front of everyone is. Today, on the last farewell day, that word of that great personality is once again seen to be alive again.

In the last days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while addressing the media that there was a time when we did not get coverage in the media and people had to call them. This was a politician whose clothes wearing sandals can be seen on the road to the public by taking flags with the general public. One person was created by adding that party. The challenge was to whom his clothes and love letters used to come from the aircraft.

But he believed in his karma because he often talked about the Shrimad Bhagavata Geeta. He preceded his karma and the primacy of his work made him the prime minister. Today, not only this, but all these words will make him realize that even though he is not the body now, the voice and the feeling are always eternally Will remain .. 

“Those who were busy in sedition, they are going to do politics now.” Who has said for whom is Modi? Know what is the whole matter?

Political scandal over Muzaffarpur Shelter Home in Bihar is in progress.

Political scandal over Muzaffarpur Shelter Home in Bihar is in progress.On one hand, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has handed over the investigation to the CBI, while Bihar Chief Minister Pratibha Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Tasvishu Yadav is demanding the resignation of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Bihar and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi has struck a stunning fight against RJD. Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi tweeted and targeted RJD leader Tasvish Yadav and said that by taking the name of the poor, the people of politics, by removing the poverty of their upcoming castes, gathered enough property so that they could buy a 20 million foreign bike, Harley Davidson And the 40 million foreign luxury car can ride BMW.

Even further targeting Tzavi Yadav, Sushil Kumar Modi said that these people pay a bill of rupees one lakh to spend a night in the hotel. Attacking the stunning attack on Sushil Kumar Modi, he said that those who have ever cheated the hotel are embarrassing politics. Sushil Modi said that the investigation of Muzaffarpur girl’s house was handed over to the CBI and it was urged to look into the high court

14 officers were suspended and the departmental minister resigned on the basis of ethics, while the leader of those who questioned the government’s intention was to give Rahul Gandhi’s party ticket to Lok Sabha ticket to the main accused. He said that the picture of the close relatives of the Congress MP from the main accused is indicating whose protection? Sushil Modi said that those who have beaten the girls who have been beaten up by girls, are doing politics in the name of women security. He said that these people are shaming politics. 

Whose life the Left Party gave to my leftist father, he only humiliated him – Pratap Chatterjee

Somnath Chatterjee’s son is not telling the truth of the Left party?

Suddenly many years of pain came to an end that son who had seen his father giving life one moment to the leftist party.

If that son put all the left-wing leaders in the funeral of his father on such a painful occasion, he would have surely had something in his mind that would have troubled him more than the pain of his father’s death. After the demise of Somnath Chatterjee, after the demise of Bengal’s leftist leader, after the demise of all the leaders, the mobilization of all the Left leaders was given to him by his son Pratap Chatterjee.

Pratap Chatterjee has clearly said that he has no need to shed the fake tears because as long as his leftist father was alive he was expelled from his party for which he dedicated one moment of his life. It is worth noting that Somnath Chatterjee was expelled from CPI some time ago, which gave Chatterjee a lot of shock.

His son Pratap has raised this voice in the last time of his father and has raised a question like that of the Left, which is hardly his answer … by asking such a question in this enraged assembly, all the leftist leaders became helpless and quickly Returned to their destination ..