After the announcement of hanging of Mr. Suresh Chavankeji by the AAP spokesperson, the countrywide stir … can be seen to see this hanging on the Red Fort on Saturday, the huge public rally

After the announcement of the execution of Sudarshan TV chairman Mr Suresh Chavan, the close aide of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Sudhir Yadav, the execution of Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji on the Red Fort has crashed across the country. All Hindu and social organizations across the country have opened a front against the Aam Aadmi Party in support of Shri Suresh Chavanke.

Please tell you that Suresh Chavan has also announced that he will reach Lal Qila at 12 o’clock on Saturday so that Kejriwal, you party and his spokesperson can hang him. After news of Shri Suresh Chavanke ji reaching the Red Fort for hanging on Saturday, it is feared that a large number of people can roam on the Red Fort on Saturday. Hindu organizations say that they are completely with Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji and on Saturday it will also reach the Red Fort.

Hindustan organizations say that after becoming a negative image in the eyes of the public, Kejriwal and his party spokeswoman are giving this kind of statement under the policy of appeasement of the particular community in desperation. He said that your spokesman Sudhir Yadav feels that Delhi is not democratic, but the Mughlia government spokesman himself can declare hanging and murder for anyone.

Let me tell that Mr. Suresh ji had a tweet about Bulandshahr Ijtima and had put forward the problems raised there, after which General Aam Aadmi Party spokesman Sudhir Yadav demanded the execution of Mr. Suresh ji. Please tell us that neither Sudheer Yadav nor any Aam Aadmi Party nor Arvind Kejriwal has taken back the statement of hanging Mr Suresh, who proves that with the consent of Kejriwal and his party you did not speak to him This statement was given.\


Yogguru Baba Ramdev ji also came in #Population_Control_In support of the law. #SureshChavhankeji’s campaign now created national demand…

In order to stop the explosion of the growing population in the country, the demands of the President of the Nation Society and the chairman of Sudarshan TV, Shri Suresh Chavan, are now becoming a national demand. The celebrities of almost every region are supporting the demand of population control law in one voice, and now Suresh Chavanke ji has given voice to the campaign, the world renowned Yogguru Swamy Ramdev ji has demanded legislation to stop the population.

Swamy Ramdev has said that the way the population is increasing in the country, it is not good for the future of the country. Swamy Ramdev has said that the growing population is obstructing the progress of the country and it has to be stopped. Swamy Ramdev has said that anyone who produces more than 2 children must withdraw voting rights. Swamy Ramdev also gave his example, besides saying that a person who does not marry like me should get special honor in society.

While addressing a program in Haridwar, Ramdev said, ‘There should be special respect for those who do not marry like us in this country. In order to marry, even more than two children should take their voting rights when they are provided. “Let us know that before this, Shri Suresh Chavanke ji, in order to demand population control law, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Delhi, 20 thousand kilometers 70 days of India Save the trip and made the country aware about the demands of population control law. Under the banner of Nation Building, this India Bachao Yatra was started from Jammu on February 18 and on 23 April the journey of the country’s capital, Delhi was over.


Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji took out the march to get justice to # Patiram….

On 22nd October, In the country’s capital Delhi Bangladeshi invaders was killed in a ruthless manner by beatings of Hindu Patiram was killed in Jahangirpuri. Surprisingly, the Bangladeshi infiltrators have assassinated a Hindustani (Hindu) in the capital of Hindustan, but neither the award returning gang was activated for Patiram to get justice nor did the pain on the death of Akhakh or Asrkul Khan outside Delhi The voice of Sultan Kejariwal of Delhi who moaned by the voice heard

Neither the death of Patiram could have led to lobbying, nor did the so-called secularism and human rights contractor come forward to give justice to Patiram. When Sultan of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal and contractors of so-called human rights did not take any help from Patiram’s family nor raised the voice of justice for him, then the founder of the Nation building and the chairman of Sudarshan TV, Shri Suresh Chavan, ji, gave the responsibility of giving justice to Patiram. raised.

On 27th October Mr. Suresh Chavan reached Patiram’s house, murdered by Bangladeshi invaders, met the families of Patiram and provided financial help of Rs. 2 lakhs. During the meeting with the family of Patiram, Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji had announced that he would take a torch trip to free Delhi from the Bangladeshi infiltrators to give justice to Patiram in Jahangir on 3 November. Today, on November 3, at 5 pm in the Jahangirpuri a huge torch march was led under the leadership of Shri Suresh Chavanke ji.

A large number of Hindus participated in Torch March. During the torch March, Patiram was judged twice and the slogans of Bangladeshi Bhagao Delhi Bachao resonated. ¬†After the torch march, Shri Suresh Chavanke ji addressed the people present there and targeted the country’s so-called secular politics.

Shri Suresh Chavanke ji said that in the capital Delhi, Bangladeshi infiltrators kill the mother of Indian mother in a brutal manner, but sorry this news does not make headlines and on this painful incident neither the Chief Minister of Delhi speaks anything nor does any Patiram Nobody comes forward to help the family.

Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji asked why Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the so-called human rights contractor were sitting on the murder of Patiram and why the pain of which happened to Akhakh and Pakhul Khan, the same pain did not happen on the cruel killings of Patiram ? Mr. Suresh Chavankeji said that if Patiram was named as Shahzad or Amir, would Kejriwal still be silent? He said why are not coming forward for Patiram, who looted treasure for Akhil ?

Shri Suresh Chavanke ji demanded from the Central Government that the NRC should also be implemented in Delhi and get rid of Delhi from the Bangladeshi infiltrators. Shri Suresh Chavankeji said that if we still do not wake up, then this jihadist will not know how many Patiram will be killed in this manner. Shri Suresh Chavanke ji said that whenever there is any flame on Hindu beliefs on Hindus across the country, he and Sudarshan family will always come forward and fight for Hindus, Hindutva and Hindustan.