Targeting Hindus in Unnao Incident and more in a row founded “FALSE”

Another incident have been pop but last Thursday, targeting Hindus in the major context, on Thursday  a news of Muslims  forced to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and beaten for not doing, so was completely founded to be fake. The was served like this, some madarsa boys who were playing cricket were beaten by Hindu boys after they asked them to chant ‘Jai shree Ram’ . But the according to the UP Police no religious angle was founded that heat up the incident. The reason of fight was due to cricket,in a press conference by ADG (LO) P V Ramaswamy and IG (LO) Praveen Kumar, they denied that anybody was forced to chant any religious slogan , and said that it was a fight between two groups that turened violent due to a Cricket Match and also added that such kind of fake news were also founded to spread in cities like kanpur, Aligarh, to create communal tensions, in all the news Hindu were founded innocent.

Local police have registered a case under section 323,353,504 and 506 of the IPC, also in various cities recently there have been incidents of violence after Friday prayers by Muslim mobs protesting “mob lynchings” that were put by Muslims that have been forced to chant “Jai Shree Ram”, though such claims have been founded  either false or unverified.

  On the life of Meerut police arrested Irshad from crime .. Now suddenly came in the middle of the Human Rights Commission

We all need a smart law system, everybody needs a society free of crime and fear, but when police takes action against criminals, eliminating criminals by playing on their lives, it is said that the police is a killer and the so-called human rights stand against the police. But when the graph of crime grows then it is said that the police are not worth it. After all, why are two-way questions related to the police?

After all, why are the police repeatedly targeted? We want liberation from crime but do not tell how to get rid of crime? Once again, human rights have come to an end against Meerut Police who had fought Gosaskar Irshad resident Muzaffarnagar and his fellow criminals playing on their own lives. During this period, Sub Inspector Om Prakash was injured by the crime shooter Irshad and the criminal Irshad was killed.

After the death of Irshad in an encounter with Meerut police, human rights have stood against the police and asked for a response from the police about this. The National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to Uttar Pradesh Home Secretary and Uttar Pradesh Police DGP OP Singh for 4 weeks. The National Human Rights Commission says that on the basis of the media reports, we have learned that the fake encounter of Irshad has been done.

The National Human Rights Commission says that “If a death in an encounter is not justified, it will be considered a crime of non-willful murder.” While the police say about the encounter, it is said that Irshad takes the animals in a mini truck with their four companions. was going. When they tried to stop them, they started firing. The reply was fired from the police side in reply, in which he died.

Neelam was shouted on her father and told him that – “Do you know what love is, if his name is Mohammed Haseen then therev is no any problem ..

When Parents were decided to marry about Neelam, then Neelam screamed that he would marry his own will. Neelam told his father that he loves Mohammed Haseen and will marry him. Neelam’s father explained him a lot but did not accept Neelam and said that you do not know the meaning of love. I will decide my life myself and I have decided that if I will marry then only Mohammed Haseen And then Neelam was married to Mohammad Haseen and now he has been murdered.

The matter is from Prayagraj of Uttar Pradesh, where Neelam Pushkar (28), who was living at Phaphmau-Soram Bypass Road, was killed. On Wednesday, the corpse of the woman was discovered in the rug of her room. The house was locked from the outside. When the neighbors reported the smell, the police took out the lock and broke the dead body. Neelam’s husband MO Hasin is absconding with two children. It is reported that after killing wife Neelam, she ran away locking. Since the corpse has been decayed, it is not clear now that how Neelam was killed.

Please tell that Neelam, daughter of Phaphamau resident Shambhu Pushkar, Hasin had a love match. On Wednesday evening, the house of Neelam was very stinking. When neighbors suspected, then the phaphamau police were informed. When the police broke the lock in the reach of the main gate, the corpse of sapphire wrapped in a blanket in the room was recovered. The zombies went to the road, there were insects in it. Neighbors had seen spouses six days ago. Since then, the house was locked. Sapphire has two children of six and eight years. Husband and child are missing..

Sauraon Police say that only after the post mortem of the body will be cleared. Husband is absconding for children, so the suspicion of murder is on him..

A great conspiracy was exposed against the Brahmins. The culprit named “Bablu Pandit” finally came out “Nasir Khan”Thanks to the UP Police …

The name of Bablu Pandit was known in the infamous criminals. The name was Bablu Pundit and he used to present himself as a Brahmin. But when his truth came out, not only the police but also the people were stunned. In fact, Bablu Pandit was not a Brahmin but rather a Muslim. Babbu Pandit’s real name is Nasir Khan and he is now in the custody of the police.

Nasir Khan, popularly known as Bablu Pandit in Katia, recovered the smack and arrested him Sunday including his wife. Nisir Khan, a native of Nijawat Khan, is known as Bablu Pandit. The police had come to know that Babbu Pandit has been working for a long time since he was working for Smack. The police were looking for him. Police recovered the smack from him and his wife. Bamboo pundit near 60 and his wife Nisha Khan 40 grams of smack recovered. The police arrested both of them.

About six months ago, some girls complained to the CO City. Then the CO City Kuldeep Kumar had arrested him. Due to its bullying in the locality, people used to be scared of complaining about it. Inspector Kant Devendra Singh said that there are many cases filed against Bablu Pandit before the NDPS Act. In the past, this jail has already passed. His wife has been caught for the first time. After the arrest of Nasir Khan, who committed crimes in the possession of Bablu Pandit, the local public has thanked the police administration.


Rape of Dalit girl in Madarsa .. Only Hindu organizations and police with Dalits..

The childhood of a six-year-old innocent child in a madrassa of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh has crushed by the Havana Darinde Haider. Haider, a young man with a innocent girl in a madrasa in Mehnagar police station area of ​​Azamgarh district, committed the rape incident. The incident took place on Friday about the outrage among the two sects. According to the news received, the angry people tried to destroy the madarsas and set fire to it. The police has filed a case in this case and has been searching for the accused.

The case of Azamgarh is in the area of ​​the Meghnagar police station. It has been reported that the victim child reads in class 2. Madrasah was a bad reason for Zuma on Friday. He went to the madarsa to pick up some things from the shop. Meanwhile, Haidar, son of Madarasa manager Niyaz Haidar, came to see him alone and went away and seduced him and took him along to a madarasa, where he accompanied him to death. The people of the neighborhood came there by listening to the voice of innocent, but by then the accused youth had fled from there told by Baby girl .

On receiving the information, the workers of Hindu organizations also reached and demanded hanging the accused soon. After the incident a situation like communal tension was created in the area. The police arrived at the scene calm down both sides. Police Superintendent Kamlesh Prasad said that the police has registered a case of misbehavior against Madrasa’s manager Haidar’s son under section 376, Poxo Act and SC-ST Act.

On receiving the information, the workers of Hindu organizations also reached and demanded hanging the accused soon. After the incident a situation like communal tension was created in the area. The police arrived at the scene calm down both sides. Police Superintendent Nagar Kamlesh Prasad said that the police has registered a case of misbehavior against Madrasa’s manager Haidar’s son under section 376, Poxo Act and SC-ST Act.


Yunus considered dairy as a dairy of all good quality milk … but Yunus used to sell blood in the garb of milk, the same Goumaata.

Yunus was bent on gossiping in a way. When he was unable to handle Cow Smuggling openly, he adopted the method which prompted him to praise him on one hand and on the other side he also used to cow smuggling .

Yunus opened dairy dairy and everyone began to understand that Yunus’s dairy is best because there is pure milk of cow. But when the reality behind it came to haunt everyone. Younus used to sell blood in the garb of milk, meaning that under the guise of dairy, Yunus was carrying Gokshi. The case is from Meerut of Uttar Pradesh. On Thursday, police raided the house of Gokshi informer in a closed plot under the guise of dairy in Rasidnagar of Lissadiaget in Meerut, after firing the Gothsar and trapped the house.

The police recovered the remains of the animal from the spot, for which the samples were checked. According to the news, at around 7 in the morning, the police got information that Rasidnagar was under the guise of dairy under the guise of Dairy. SSI Lisadiagate Mukesh Kumar, on the information, reached the castle along with the Police of Palokhari Chauki. The plot on which the police raided was locked from outside. When the police tried to penetrate inside the wall, a Gotaskar fired from inside. The police escaped while firing while the siege of the accused.

Inspector Raghuraj Singh and CO Kotwali Dinesh Shukla reached the notice. On discovering Gokshi, the people gathered nearby. The police called the veterinary team’s team. On the spot, the police has recovered a rope, two knives of cattle cut, and a scales. The police questioned Gokshi from the people around. The people told the inspector that the resident of Rasidnagar was the dairy’s first person here. The cattle was being cut in the same plot as the dairy.

CO Kotwali Dinesh Shukla says that the police has registered a case against seven persons, including the main accused Yunus, his son Riyaz, Imran, Pati and two women of the family. Dashish is being arrested for the arrest of the accused and soon the smugglers will be arrested.


“I believe Hindus and Muslims are not human, Sajid is very good and I will marry him” … Then what happened ??

He used to call himself Modern and he believed that Hindu organizations work to spoil social harmony. He had said that he believes Hindus but not humans. He had said that Mohammed Sajid is a very good boy and he will marry her.

And then he converted to Islam and converted to Islam and married Muhammad Sajid. He did not even imagine what happened after this. Mohammed Sajid gave him three divorces and fled on the bus stand and ran away. The matter is of the Eta of Uttar Pradesh. According to the news received, Sajid initially implicated the girl in her love, then converted her religion and married her and the accused also gave her a miscarriage

Later, three divorces called him down and turned him down. Now the victim has pleaded the justice to the SSP. On the order of the SSP, a report has been registered in Kotwali Nagar. The police is investigating and investigating the accused. A young woman from Kottwali Nagar area told that Mohammed Sajid resident of Marhar Darwaza trapped her in her love affair. Put the condition of change of religion for marriage. Two years ago, the young man’s family had converted his religion to Sajid’s marriage

After the woman got pregnant, Sajid aborted her. Not only this, on September 28, the accused left him on the bus stand of the city giving him three divorces. The victim’s information was given by the victim to the kin. When the matter increased, the panchayat was convened to settle the case on both sides. Even after this the accused did not adopt him. Disturbed by this, the young woman has reported the case of Kotwali Nagar, Mohammad Sajid against her brother, mother and other people have filed a report.


7 years old rape done with innocent, killing again .. found dead on the mosque’s roof

On October 7, a body of a child was recovered on the roof of a mosque in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad, which has now been exposed to the sanyanje. The post-mortem report revealed that the body of the girl whose body was recovered from the mosque was first raped and then she was murdered.

The family of the girl lodged a case against Muradnagar police station against four people including local former councilor Ejaz Beg. Police arrested many places to catch the accused, but success has not been successful yet. Two days ago the kidney was abducted from the house itself. After which the family had registered a case of abduction in police. The 7-year-old girl who was living in Muradnagar and another class, had come out of the house on Saturday, but she did not return

After a long time the family members were looking for him, but they could not be found. The last time the girl was seen near a mosque in CCTV nearby. The kidnapping of the girl was given to the police. On Sunday morning when an employee of the mosque reached the roof of the religious place, he saw the child’s body. The baby was covered with a sack. Ghaziabad Police Captain Vaibhav Krishna inspected the opportunity-A-Wardat. They say that the affirmation of death from the child has come from the postmortem report

The girl was strangled and her face was also marked on the face. The girl has been murdered only after her misdeed. Families say that their neighbors have an old political rivalry. The victim’s family has registered a case of murder, kidnapping and rape against four brothers, Ejaz, Naushad, Injar and Afzal. Police Captain Vaibhav Krishna says that many teams are being raided in search of the accused. Also, action is being taken on the basis of evidence and post mortem report.

The father of the deceased girl says that a few years ago, the accused Naushad was standing for election for the post of councilor, but when the family did not vote, he began to feel hostile and had a fight even a few days back. The family alleged that there were those people behind this murder. Currently all the accused are absconding. Naushad is a councilor of the area and the rest are his brothers who live next to the victim’s family.

Mohammed Mansoor was destroyed by India’s economy.

In collaboration with ATS, Uttar Pradesh Police has exposed Mohammed Mansoor and his gang from Mau, who was destroying the Indian economy. The police has arrested three people and sent them to jail. Police recovered a stamp paper worth Rs 1.39 lakh 300 rupees and a stamp paper of Rs 10 and twenty rupees with color printers, three mobile phones, one laptop, bike and half cut in the raid.

SP Lalit Kumar Singh while disclosing in Kotwali said that ATS Varanasi had a clue about the gang that used to print fake currency. During this time, the ATS clues, in the Azamgarh district, Talib Ansari and Mo. Ushman was arrested. It has been revealed in the capital that both the accused are residents of Munshipura Mau in Kotwali area. In the interrogation, the two accused, ATS told Varanasi that the work of printing fake notes was made by Malik Tahirpura Mullah resident of Kotwali area. Mensura does.

ATS Varanasi team has contacted SP Lalit Kumar. After this, around 2:30 pm on Friday night, ATS and local police jointly resident of Malik Tahpura Mohalla. Raids at Mansoor’s house During this, the fake notes printed by the police from the accused’s house were recovered in the form of a million rupees thirty thousand three hundred rupees. Also, the printer and other items used to print the note were recovered. The accused used to print stamp paper worth ten and twenty rupees for printing fake currency.

Police stamped the stamp paper recovered from the spot due to which the ATS and the police team were working to print the accused note at the time of the raids. In the fake notes recovered, 32 notes of 15 thousand rupees of two thousand rupees, 185 notes of eight hundred rupees, eight hundred rupees and closed rupees five hundred rupees were recovered. The network of the arrested accused is being investigated. There is a whole possibility that more people will also be with them. Police arrested the accused in the form of counterfeit Indian currency making, discontinued old currency etc. Invoice invoices.

SP said that the case was registered in connection with the printing of fake notes. Mansur used to work in the field by bringing fake notes from Nepal with his two colleagues in the East. But when the old currency was closed, their business closed. On this, Mansur himself started the printing of fake notes. It was revealed in the face of the fact that in lieu of 40 thousand rupees for the real note, the accused give the customer a lakh rupees. Some names have been revealed on the basis of these accused, the police are now finding out about these people.

In the interrogation of the police, he told that when the ban was imposed, the influx of fake Indian currency in Nepal was reduced. During this time the unemployment got over and its earnings also stopped. Once Mansur brought two thousand fake notes from Nepal’s Veerganj. But the paper did not get spoiled. On this he thought that why not himself the fake notes would be printed. For this, he chose stamp paper. He bought the laptop, color printer and started this business

He was already associated with the business of counterfeit notes, so he did not have trouble connecting the youth who used to buy fake notes with him. In this work, he also took along Talib and Usman. The Superintendent of Police told that some names have been brought to the notice of these accused, the police are now informing about these people. More members of this gang will be caught shortly.

Mayawati – “Atrocities on Brahmins” Police abuse in racism politics

Talking about religion or religion, suddenly there are allegations of communalism and religious fanaticism, but what kind of politics is it in which the open talk of casteism is considered to be democracy? Sometimes the name of Dalits is taken directly to the excuse of SC ST and they are said to be exploited by the upper caste, so when suddenly there is a police in front, then the names of Brahmins are taken directly and they are called sufferers.

It is known that in the hands of the police constable Prashant, who was with Apple’s employee Vivek Tiwari in the capital, Uttar Pradesh, for some time now, BSP Chief Mayawati attacked the Yogi Government. Suddenly, this case has started becoming a casteist, in which Mayawati has now accused Yogi Adityanath for exploiting Brahmins.

Not only this, Mayawati, while presenting a press conference on Monday, said that “the law and order system has collapsed in the state and the government is suppressing the issue, especially the exploitation of the people of the Brahmin community. Harassment is happening. ” Not only this, Mayawati has now played a Brahmin card for airing the Dalit movement for some time now. According to them, the rule of the goons is under the rule of the present Yogi, especially in the uniform of the police due to racist and biased attitude.

Because of which the people of every class and religion are being victimized at large scale. In this case, people of upper caste society, especially Brahmin society, are now being subjected to more exploitation and harassment.