Due to the burden of the Syrian and Iraqi intruders, on the brink of the French Civil War … the masked on the streets are burning on the police that are attacking.

Some time ago this country was known for its chic bread and richness with the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Whether there is a war in Afghanistan against the Taliban or against ISIS in Iraq. The threat of this country’s talk at international level It was very important .. But now the same French has come to this level where people have fallen on the streets due to poverty and inflation, people have got confused with their own police and security forces.

This is the same French that has struggled with one after another terrorist attacks. The attack was not only on the people of France but also on the economy which used to be mainly tourism. Terror attacks have broken the backbone of the same tourism business, and now the same French is moving forward towards the civil war. According to some groups of protesters carrying arms on Central Paris streets. These people have handed over many vehicles and buildings to the fire.

It is believed to be the most dangerous riot of the last decade. There are fears of the involvement of all the intruders in the riots that Iraq had entered while seeking mercy in France during the war in Syria. According to sources, the buildings are giving the same to the looting. In France The situation of the worst fierce home unrest in the last decade has remained.

Not only this, the failed French government, after every effort, is contemplating to impose an emergency in this extremely difficult situation. This information was given by French government spokesman Benjamin Greaves, France’s government. In a conversation with Europe 1 Radio, a spokesman of the government said, “We have to take such action so that such actions should not happen again.” This performance has also been named ‘Yellow West’. Performers are performing yellow-colored West wear.

288 people, who were performing in France’s capital Paris, were arrested, while about 100 people were injured. On this issue, the President of France, Macroon, will be meeting with the Prime Minister and Interior Minister on Sunday evening. In this meeting, discussing the way to tackle the rioters will be discussed. The problem is that these protesters have no face, so the government can talk. All of them are in the mask in the same way as ISIS militants are in the mask

MP Bhola Singh exposed the false claims of the police and the tweet of  Bulandshahr Police , while he said … how to occupy the whole city for 3 days.

After the Gokshi in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, the round of allegations of corruption have begun. Bhola Singh, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Bulandshahr has made a big statement in the midst of a political assault on the Bulandshahr family. BJP MP Bhola Singh has blamed the Bulandshahr administration directly on the permission of the Tablalii Ijtima program for Islamic programs in Bulandshahar.

Let us tell you that after the incident of Gokshi in the Satya police station area of ​​Bulandshahr, other than Tabloli Ijtima, violence erupted, in which the death of Gauhbutt Sumit and Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh died. It is known that Bulandshahr police claim that Ijtima has been successful and there is no problem with this, but Bhola Singh has rejected these claims of Bulandshahar police in a conversation with Sudarshan’s representative.

MP Bhola Singh has said that people have suffered a lot due to Ijtima, schools have been closed for three days, and people have to remain closed in the house. The BJP MP said that Ijtima’s permit for special place It is given, not for the whole city, but due to Ijtima, the entire Bulandshahar jam. On the question of Sudarshan, Bhola Singh said that since Ejitha’s preparations have begun, this is the second incident of Gokshi since then.

Five days ago, Khurja had a gokshi, after which it was again gokshi and Bulandshahr came under the grip of violence. BJP MP Bhola Singh, while blaming the responsible Bulandshahr administration of the whole case, said that if the administration did not know how many people would be involved in Ijtima then why did they give permission? He said that I myself was locked in my house for three days because people raised trains in the streets and jammed it completely.

Regarding the violence in Bulandshahr and any relation between Ijtima and MP, MP said that since the preparations of Ijtima began, people’s animals began to be stolen. If any buffalo was stolen then someone’s cow He said that it should also be investigated that after all, who killed the animals during the Ijtima and why and why such a large number of Gokshi were done that violence in Bulandshahr was spreading.

Kaasganj slaughterers were not forgotten Yogi government .. Chandan Gupta slaughtered the killers

Chandan Gupta’s family members considered this as justice ..

The violence in the fire was a district of the state due to which they were burnt. He attacked people who were taking the trip to the Tricolor and had taken the life of a young man named Chandan Gupta. Not only that, he had attacked and made a mob and had become bitter when he died and killed

After that, the police’s round and then there is peace from there but they thought that power and administration will forget the time but it was not. It is known that during the tri-color tour of Kasganj district of Uttar Pradesh, ruthlessly at the hands of religious fundamentalists On the recommendation of Yogi Sarkar on the killing of Chandan Gupta who was murdered and the main accused of the so-called violence, now the NSA (National Security Act) Ar That has put the National Security Law.

This controversy is on January 26, 2018, when religious fanatics of Bharat Mata Jai and Vande Mataram did not come in the slogan and they came out with the tricolor and attacked the narrow streets on which the young man named Chandan Gupta was killed till then. He has not died. Now in the same case the Yogi Sarkar has taken a tough decision

According to the media report, Kotwali Kasganj Police has provided Rasuka over the three main accused in the jail respectively, Wasim, Nasim, Saleem, who has been sent to the administration by the district administration. It is believed that after the submission of Rasuka on the three main accused in the murder case of Chandan Gupta, the other accused may soon be subjected under Rasuka.

Significantly, in the Kasganj violence, about 117 people were arrested by the police. Of these, 36 people were arrested in serious criminal cases while others were arrested for peace and harmony.