Justice will be done to Sudan, says a general !

For the first time the military has admitted that it ordered the dispersal of a sit-in in capital Khartoum, which left 120 dead, as diplomats from the United States and African nations step up efforts for a solution to the country’s political crisis.

On June 3, days after talks between protest leaders and the military collapsed, armed men in military fatigues broke up the camp in an operation that left 120 people dead.

A top Sudanese general has promised that those responsible for this month’s violent crackdown on protesters will be sent to the “gallows”.

The deputy chief of the Transitional Military Council “Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo”, asked the public to wait for the outcome of an ongoing investigation into the incident.

The violence has sparked international condemnation, as opposition groups call for Sudan’s military to hand over power to a civilian government and restore democracy in the country.


The American Disaster on Islamic Land Syria after Russia More than 100 dead in bomb blast..

It seems as if those living in Syria, along with the United States and Europe, Israel has also become a place of power testing. All the terrorists and ordinary citizens of the country are being killed in the bombing of all these days. A few days ago Russia had rained on the skies there, and now America has also given the bomb for the bombs and the dead bodies to answer him. There is no courage to answer the question from the US in this matter.

According to human rights organizations that have full watch on the Syrian war, Islamic militant organization Islamic State militant’s last stronghold targeted at the country’s eastern country, late Al-Jor and killed 80 children in the air strikes by American leadership And women are included. After this attack, the smell of ammunition and smoke spread and a panic broke out.

At least 105 people were killed in an air strike in the US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS) terrorists in the past week in Syria’s eastern province late-al-Zor. This organization, which monitors the Syria War, is running its headquarter from London, according to which the number of people who die is not possible only 105, but the death toll can be increased as many people and dead bodies are feared to be buried.

In this case, the Assad government of Syria under the influence of Russia has raised a voice against the US intervention and has demanded from the international community that they make global condemnation of this act of America.