The great personality whose departure came in the Indian politics came from “Jai Shri Ram” “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” “Hindutva”

This was the time when the power was in the hands of only one party .. Not only did the Prime Minister, the President, the Vice President, the highest office but the head of the village used to belong to the same party. At that time, their number was influenced by the force and the image of their image in the masses on the Indian people, their point of view was considered as a stone racket.

They had so much strength that they took big decisions like partition of the country, which they opted for, afterwards, with all the communal and all the allegations declared by the whole thought. At that time Atalji had given to India a new direction .. There was also a path to the classical Atal ji that they could get pleasure from the pleasure by compromising them with them.

But they decided to land instead of sitting in the air conditioning of the Parliament, in the deserted deserts of Rajasthan, in the snowy plains of the Himalayas, in the forests of Assam and in the rainy areas of the South .. slowly caravans were added with them and in the end today By becoming the same caravan tree today, the Bharatiya Janata Party stands in the form of that which has not only become the world’s largest party of the world. Not only this, there is a rule of rulers of this party on a large territory of India.

Atal ji kept his ideology that even though he had been communal to understand something, but he made the origin of India his identity. Initially they had to add one person but later it would not be wrong to acknowledge their ideology that a large section of the whole India would be alive, for the liberation of Bharat Mata’s Jai, Jai Shri Ram, Vande Mataram That great person is going out of the world today.

Those people who had been linked to communalism, if they had created a national identity, then they were Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji. The nation has lost today, the great hero who fought with a stronger power than the rock and then the country To give the words that are today “proudly say we are Hindus”, such words are made alive 

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